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Actual informations - updated March 2021


MOROP – inform March 2021

Dear friends,


the MOROP board met on March 7th by video conference and discussed the further procedure in 2021. We have come to the following conclusion, which we consider appropriate and feasible.


  1. As already announced, the MOROP Congress in Budapest has been canceled.


  1. The delegates meeting that is necessary this year will be held alternatively on September 6th in Koblenz, combined with a trip on the Brohltalbahn.


  1. If it is not possible to hold this event in Koblenz, we will hold the delegates meeting on October 1st in the greater Leipzig area, combined with a ride on the Döllnitzbahn and a visit to the trade fair.


  1. If this is not possible either, the delegates meeting will take place on November 6th in Friedrichshafen, combined with a visit to the trade fair.


We all do not yet know how things will continue in times of the corona pandemic and can only hope that we will soon get clarity for our actions from politics. We will inform you about everything in good time.


The President has written to all the associations to inform us about the procedure for taking photos on the railway premises in your countries. Please make yourself familiar and inform us about it.


To activate public relations, we are interested in which associations in their countries take part in which trade fairs or large exhibitions and would actively present the MOROP there.


Furthermore, we ask you for information about what requests you would like to give us regarding the revision of our statutes. Since our current version of the statutes dates from 2015, a revision is recommended. Please send requests for changes to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by May 31st.





We mourn the death of our longtime MOROP member Paul David.

Paul David was a founding member of MOROP, a person who has accompanied us for many years as a representative of the Fédération Française de Modélisme Ferroviaire (FFMF). He was a reliable and valuable contributor to this body. Due to his involvement and his knowledge of the railway system, he was involved in the development and deepening of our standards (NEM) for a long time. He was later made an honorary member of the MOROP for his work.

We will have venerable memories of Paul David's contribution

and extend our condolences to his family and loved ones.